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we offer a seamless progression


Ages 5 – 11

English, maths and science

Lower Secondary

Ages 11-14

English, maths, general science, pure science & general studies


Ages 14-16

Over 20 subjects to choose from


Ages 16-19

Over 40 subjects to choose from


EdQuest International School is the ‘School of Accelerated Learning!’
Our range of programs is designed for students with a variety of different thinking and learning styles.

For many years, researchers and academics have studied how students can learn and perform more effectively. The following characteristics have been shown to make dramatic improvements to the learning outcomes and academic performance of students:
  • How students learn by adapting better to their environment
  • How they are able to understand concepts better to achieve mastery
  • How they use spaced repetition to learn more difficult information
  • How they are able to reinforce and recall information for tests

Accelerating & supporting advanced students

Adaptive Teaching & Learning

EdQuest International School leverages technology which allows students to accelerate their learning. There are no time limits on learning and we heavily focus on their gaps in understanding so they can make accelerated progress. We use technology alongside our mastery-based model and approach so students learn and achieve progress 3-5 times faster than in regular schools.

One-to-One Coaching Support

Smart and bright children excel naturally when they are given the right opportunity and environment. Yet, we find many talented young students struggle in regular schools as they are not given the right opportunity to excel. What students need is the right mentor and tutor to guide them with the right habits and motivation to succeed. Our team of educators knows exactly what and how to help these students to excel with the right mindset, habits, and environment.

A Supportive Team and Community

We truly support our students and we want them to feel part of a close-knit community. At EdQuest International School, we embrace them and ensure that they find their voice and are able to showcase their skills and potential. We take the initiative to ensure that these students take ownership of their own school community and go on to support and encourage each other.

One Giant Leap for Success

At EdQuest International School, we don’t just teach children what to learn. We give them the opportunity to go deeper than just academic success by developing their social and emotional skills. Grounded in a holistic approach, we develop skills and habits of a growth mindset that allows students to excel and reach their true potential.

Parents, Teachers, and Students Take Ownership

One of the most powerful ways that we generate results is when people take ownership. We believe that success happens when all stakeholders are responsible for their actions. They then realize that they are the masters and success of their future.

Learning to Learn How to Learn

Traditional schools do not teach students how to learn. Students are very much dependent on a teacher to set the pace and the advancement of a student. At EdQuest, students take leadership and are in charge of their learning and growth. They set their goals and determine the pace and advancement of their academic success. They are independent and are taught to use the available resources to overcome obstacles that they face. Our students are self-reliant and have the agency and ability to achieve what they set their minds to

Starting with the End in Mind

We believe that students have the power to achieve anything that they want. They have to begin with the end in mind, which means beginning each day, task, or project with a clear vision and objectives that will lead them in the desired direction and destination. They have to be proactive to set high ambitious goals to make things happen. They define their limits and achievements to help them inspire their pathway to success. Highly ambitious goals have the power to inspire and transform successful students.

Daily Practice and Mastery

It all starts with the right habits. Our students learn how to study effectively. They focus on the right type of studying with an optimal focus that is deliberate and consistent. This is the same practice as sports, where you focus on one skill at a time. Students at EdQuest, focus on tackling and handling challenging problems one step at a time.

Mastery & Growth Mindset

Mastery is one of the key concepts in education. It is about the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn in any situation to acquire mastery and success in life or area of interest. Research has shown that intelligence is not fixed but can be increased when someone has a goal to improve themselves in a certain subject, skill, or material.

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